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Fort Fritz

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Jul 18, 2018

Fritz talks about how Drake's Equation has new information about the probability of intelligent alien life in the visible universe, Angela discusses the recently announced discovery of Jupiter's new satellites, Kaz examines Preacher season two and entertainment, Mandaddy tells us about Theory of Obscurity and the cult...

Jul 16, 2018

When Fritz and Angela start throwing darts at a gigantic globe in a wing of the Fort, Kaz and Mandaddy step in to intervene. But are they experimenting with a frenzied state of mind or truly crossing over into ethereal realms? Featuring stories on Baba Vanga, the Oracle of Delphi, Edgar Cayce

Jul 2, 2018

After a makeover of the speakeasy, Fritz is eager to entertain the troupe. But a surprise shakedown of the Hooves cast a pall on their celebration. Does the gang have what it takes to survive prison? Featuring stories on Pitesti Prison Torture, Mongolian Box Prison, the Holmesberg Prison Experiment

Jun 25, 2018

With no sign of Fritz, the gang are apprehensive upon seeing a small but sturdy wall surrounding the Fort. But more questions arise when a crowned and seemingly crazy Fritz appears, speaking only in verse. Featuring stories on Ivan the Terrible, the Mad Queen of Madagascar, King Leopold.

Jun 25, 2018

Fritz and Sabrina from Real Radio 104.1FM sat down with the Murder Junkies for an hour long interview of the Murder Junkies! After playing catch with Merle Allin, the pair sit down with Dino Sex, Frances, PP Duvay, and Merle to figure out a comprehensive story line of the band following GG Allin's passing in 1993....