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Fort Fritz

Thank you so much for listening! Please find us on Facebook @fortfritz and Twitter @FortFritzMCT and get a hold of us by leaving us a spooky voicemail! 570 478-3789.

Mar 19, 2018

After receiving a grave message from Felix, the gang decides to investigate the merit of a supposed mythological sea beast in Restrepum Bay. Armed with only a motorized canoe and outdated breathing apparatus, can the deadly Fauligangst be proven? Featuring stories on the U-28 Sea Creature, Alien Humanoids, Leviathan

Mar 15, 2018

Fritz discusses the latest Department of Defense's declassified Navy UFO video in which personnel are obviously perplexed, Nick Spry's Spooky Word of the Week is "unfathomable," Kaz teases the recently announced Fred Durst horror movie, Mandaddy makes everyone feel absolutely terrible with a highly disturbing and true...

Mar 13, 2018

With Fritz at Mission Control, the troupe brave the last frontier and rocket themselves into space. But are they well prepared to begin an arduous journey into the inner workings of the cosmos? Featuring stories on Tabby's Star, Clark McClelland, Aliens on the Moon

Mar 9, 2018

Mandaddy hosts and dives into Veronica, the internet's newest "scariest movie," Nick Spry has a double feature in Shallow Grave and Dial M for Murder, Angela explains the connection between NASA and the Academy Awards, Kaz geeks out on Fifth Element and Good Omens

Mar 8, 2018

With oysters handpicked from Restrepum Bay, Fritz and Angela try to impress Kaz, Mandaddy, and Nick Spry with a good ol' fashioned homemade meal. But with rearing chainsaws and paranoia, there may be something more sinister in their design. Featuring stories on the Vampire of Sacramento, The Axeman of New Orleans, The...